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Antwerp, where history meets future

Immerse yourself in the legacy of Handelsbeurs Antwerp, a venue steeped in history dating back to the fifteenth century when Antwerp gained international fame for its flourishing (art) trade.

Today, this iconic city continues to evolve as a modern metropolis, boasting captivating architecture, exquisite gastronomy, and influential contributions to the realms of fashion and art.

A thriving event location
As a vibrant hub of activity, Handelsbeurs Antwerpen is the perfect location for LearnTech. With a tagline that encapsulates its essence as a place of “great history and grand future,” Handelsbeurs invites you to explore every corner of this historic event venue during LearnTech 2024.

Handelsbeurs, Borzestraat 31, 2000 Antwerpen

Do you want to enjoy every minute of LearnTech?
So do we. Enjoy a relaxed stay at the Sapphire House Antwerp. This beautifully renovated hotel is connected to the Handelsbeurs and the perfect hangout before and after the event. It will exclusively host LearnTech guests and you can easily book your stay when buying your ticket.

Hungry hearts
In need of some good food for a good mood? We’ve got you covered with a splendid lunch at Fiera.