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About the awards

LearnTech believes technology is a driving force in a rapidly changing world of work. It will be instrumental in designing more efficient processes, creating an engaging employee and learning experience and enable better decision making. Did your team concluded a strong L&D project? Then maybe the L&D award will be shining on your desk next year. The winner will also get an article in HRmagazine.

The submission process has not started yet. However, on this page you can already discover if your company is eligible for an L&D award. Stay tuned for more info on the submission process and do not hesitate to send an email to when you have questions.


The L&D award will go to a Belgian L&D team that concluded a strong learning project in 2024.

Who can apply?

  • L&D teams with a scope of 100+ employees.
  • Companies that aren’t L&D services providers.

What are the criteria?

Criterium 1: Organisational impact

  • The project had a strategic scope.
  • It had a clear impact on the organisation during the last year (2023 + Q1, Q2 2024).
  • The project was more ambitious than the digitalisation of a learning process or the implementation of a tool.

Criterium 2: Innovative character

  • The project does not only address traditional problems, but also anticipates future changes.
  • It was tailormade and anticipated fundamental changes in the organisation and its business environment.

Criterium 3: Results

  • The project has demonstrable added value for the organisation and its employees.
  • Its added value can be clearly demonstrated and measured.

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