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L&D award (voting demo)

LearnTech believes technology is a driving force in a rapidly changing world of work. It will be instrumental in designing more efficient processes, creating an engaging employee and learning experience and enable better decision making. The L&D award will go to a Belgian L&D team that concluded a strong learning project in 2024.
The candidates have been announced, so voting can begin!

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    And the nominees are…


    Nobi, “Grow” in Japanese, is a systematic learning landscape using FLOWSPARKS that combines e-learning with hands-on guidance. Nobi impacts all blue-collar employees, addressing the need for seamless skill transitions from many near retirement employees to new hires who join Etex. Boost trainings are organized to train the new employees. For current employees, MOC Nobi trainings are organised to update and expand their knowledge. Digital and practical tests confirm these new acquired competences. All these competences are logged by the master trainers and supervisors. In that way, Nobi helps identify training gaps quickly but also helps to predict future gaps. This helps to fulfill our main goal: build a smart factory with an adaptable workforce, preparing us for future challenges. Since implementing Nobi, training time has decreased from 8 weeks to just 2, allowing employees to work independently 6 weeks earlier and reducing costs. The training gap has decreased from 600 points to just 65, with the goal of reaching zero soon. This project ensures long-term success and adaptability for our workforce and organization.


    We should win this award to celebrate all the SuperHeRoes who have embraced our new system and are going the extra mile to learn, grow and develop themselves. This project has positively impacting our GROWTH culture, bringing together people from different countries, backgrounds and business units, creating opportunities to connect and inspiring personal growth. Moreover, the launch of HeRo Learning has improved the employee and management experience through streamlined processes and access to real-time data fostering a culture of transparency and accountability. At Materialise, we believe that growing our people is key to long term success and this project exemplifies our commitment to the belief. Last but not least, this project was a great collaboration between different departments in HR and certainly helped to bring our teams closer together! 

    BASF Antwerpen

    If you launch a new learning concept and more than 75% of your employees voluntarily sign up for it, you’ll have a successful rollout. Especially when it comes to a digital learning format that replaces more than 400 legally recurring safety training courses every year. If the quality of the learning goals and content also improves, if the e-learning is built and maintained with the help of an AI-supported authoring tool, and if the registration of the training for more than 3,000 employees is fully automated … then you have implemented an L&D initiative that any board would be proud of.

    SD Worx

    Our Spark Joyners program creates an opportunity for everyone in the organisation to play an important and impactful role in our senior management team. The project involves 30 curious, entrepreneurial, and dynamic SD Worx ambassadors with ambitions to operate on a more strategic level in the future. By involving them on this level, we ensure that each year we put a fresh wind in our senior management, giving management teams more bottom-up feedback. Moreover, our Spark Joyners get the opportunity to develop themselves, through leadership trainings, mentorship programs, micro-innovation tracks, and networking moments, for example during a two-day offsite with 150 Spark Leaders (higher management). This is a great way of investing in the talent we have, creating an atmosphere of growth, where leaders of tomorrow are formed. And lastly, these aspects not only offer advantages to our management and the Spark Joyners, but also have a positive impact on the entire organisation. Making sure we keep innovating, improving, and developing SD Worx.

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    The selection process

    1. Nomination Phase: Fill in the application form. Deadline applications: Monday, June 10, 2024, 23:59h.
    2. The candidates that match the criteria will be evaluated by the jury.
    3. The Jury selects the candidates. These candidates will be published on the website.
    4. Public voting will be possible from June 24 till August 31, 2024.
    5. Public voting ends August 31, 2024, 23:59h.
    6. Two laureates will be selected through public voting & jury expert opinions (40%-60%).
    7. Jury meeting September 6, 2024. The laureates convince the jury for one last time.
    8. Presentation of the L&D award @ the gala dinner on October 2, 2024.

    The jury

    Ann Guinée
    Ann Guinée

    Communication Manager Beltug

    Kathleen Vangronsvelt
    Kathleen Vangronsvelt

    Professor Organizational Behavior & HRM Antwerp Management School

    Kristof Van der Stadt
    Kristof Van der Stadt

    Editor in Chief DataNews

    Hilde Haems
    Hilde Haems

    Chief Human Capital Officer Ackermans & van Haaren